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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 30, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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. good morning, everyone. it is sunday, april 30th. i'm chris in for carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick look at the weather. >> chris, good morning to you. certainly cooler out this morning. we have lower dew points and the winds have eased up. live doppler 7 is clear. we widen the perspective and still that protective dome over the golden state allowing for another warm and sunny day. 49 in san ramon, 54 in concord. 53 in the city. 54 in san jose. this morning it's anywhere from a degree to about 13 degrees cooler. so throughout the day today you'll notice temperatures are going to come up quickly from
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40s and 50s at the coast. we've got more mid 80s inland. temperatures will continue to climb throughout the first half of the week. i'll have the details in a few mnutes. >> thank you. in the mission, san francisco police were forced to close down a street in both directions after gunfire broke out. this happened around 9:15 last night between 14th and 15th. that's near rosa parks lane. police tell us multiple shots were fired and a couple of windows were broken. you can see the bullet holes in the glass, but no one was injured. police are investigating what led up to the shooting. the time is 5:01. a toddler was killed after he ran use of a store in union city. it happened yesterday afternoon in a safeway. police say the 23 month old boy ran out into the parking lot from a store where his parents were shopping. the toddler was hit by a slow moving car and ended up
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underneath the vehicle. authorities say the driver is cooperating with them about the tragedy. officials are trying to take a proactive approach in deal with last week's mob style robbery take over. they have made an emergency staffing decision after adding more police officers. lisa has the story. >> reporter: many police officers are working over time as part of an emergency staffing call ordered after this. >> 30 kids board my train, beat up someone, robbed them, and then runoff the train. >> the mob boarded the train and terrorized, robbed and beat passengers for what felt like aan eternity. david who did not want to be seen was on the train. >> they were approaching everyone. if you had something they were taking it. if you said something wrong they were beating you up. it was all bad. >> bart police arrived five
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minutes after the 50 call for help. they were busy on a separate suicide call. by the time they reached the coliseum station, the suspects were gone. that's why the department's top brass is making changes by staffing up for now. >> most of our officers work four days a week, ten hour shifts. they're going to be working five days a week in a ten hour shift. >> bart has also seen a 22% jump in crime this is year. most are on board robberies. riders especially here at the coliseum station worry about a repeat of last saturday night. >> i do ride the trains at night. that really scared me. so i'm glad that they're going proactive and doing something about it and i really, really hope that helps. >> i don't board at night no more just for that situation. >> police have arrested just one person. several other warrants have been issued. >> if you live in the east bay, you may have felt an earth wake
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last night. a 3.8 manageny tude earth just about 6:30. there were no reports of any damage. we have new details this morning about that deadly officer-involved shooting on highway 101 in san mateo. it happened after 5:30 afternoon. the suspect was attempting to car jack someone. >> a man with a gun in the area of 101 and 92. >> rush hour came to a standstill after chp responded to a call about a sligz. >> based on the statements we have now we know this suspect was trying to use his firearm as a tool to steal the vehicle. >> sky 7
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on the side of the highway and this video raising their firearm to the suspect. police say witness accounts indicate those chp officers ordered the man to drop his gun. >> after many independent witness statements that officers took extreme measures to issue commands to drop that firearm, to attempt to deescalate and negotiate with that suspect. >> reporter: investigators haven't said much about their confrontation or what prompted the suspect to point his gun at the officers. but once they shot him, officers say they tried to revive the suspect. the driver of the other vehicle was unharmed as were the three chp officers. san mateo police are conducting an independent investigation as well as the d a's office and california highway patrol. >> we are doing everything we can to backtrack the suspect's
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actions. >>. >> reporter: they're hoping for witness accounts will provide a better understanding about that dangerous situation. in san mateo, lonnie news. a look at the damage in the city east of dallas. at least five people died from a series of tornadoes. the widespread major damage includes two ton pick up tricks that were tossed over like toys, the county has issued a disaster declaration. at this point 131,000 customers are without power across four states. for the first time in 36 years a sitting president skipped the white house correspondent's dinner. >> i think he's in pennsylvania because he can't take a joke. >> 100 days of devotion, hard work and love for our great
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country. >> at the end of his 100th day, donald trump boycotted the well-known dinner for washington elites and instead celebrated with supporters in pennsylvania. he who claimed his first 100 days of solid success after signing 29 bills. the president faces the next 100 days with a long to-do list including finding money for his border wall and passing the republican's new health care bill. many protester the president's milestone while others celebrated at the convention for california college republicans in san jose. >> reporter: c college republicans say president donald trump is doing just fine his first 100 days on the job. even reagan would be proud. o co >> he's been hitting a spectrum of yesterday. so i think for every type of republican there's a way to agree with him. >> i think trump is doing what
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he promised he would do. >> reporter: 300 college republicans holding their annual convention in san jose. >> silicon valley is really at the heart of innovation, creation, disruption. those are all kind of the themes he ran on. >> the first 100 days has been just about the most successful in our country's history. >> reporter: president trump gives himself high remarks but others might dispute that. >> 100 days of chaos, disruption and dis function. >> reporter: harsh words at a rally about climate change. in san jose the raging grannies give him a failing grade. >> is there anything below an "q"? he's actually worse. >> he's not done with trying to go backwards. specifically about environment and particularly about war. >> i don't even watch t. i don't like his face. >> reporter: president trump has
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changed the tone in washington but has not passed a single piece of legislation. his budget to repeal and replace obamacare stalled for now back in the hands of a republican congress. his temporary travel ban blocked by the courts. mr. trump's biggest victory? a new conservative justice on the supreme supreme supreme supe across the country thousands of climate marches were held to protest president trump's environmental policy. in washington, d.c. they braved a record 91 degree high. organizers claim 200,000 people showed up. paramedics got 50 medical calls, mostly heat related. four people had to go to the support. in southern california, commitment to peace and unit marked how los angeles remembered the 20th anniversary
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remembering one of the darkest hours any city has ever faced. traditional korean drummers played days of violence, looting and fire followed the outrage after four white police officers were acquitted in the beating of blo black driver rodney king. >> i think there have been some strides made. i really do. even though they are not as significant as they should have been. >> we're more resilient. we're more of an example. we're not perfect. we still have to get closer to perfect. >> several days of rioting hit mar chants hard. if you're flying today, you expect more delays at san francisco international airport. here's a live look. one of the airport's four runways is closed through tonight for a paving project and that's reduced the number of
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flights that sfo can serve. so far most of the delays and cancellations the past two weekends have affected short haul flights to and from other west coast cities. the paving project will continue nearly every weekend until mid june. 5:11 the time. meteorologist lisa is here. we're off to a cooler start compared to yesterday. >> the dew points are down and clear skies. winds have let up. temperatures are widespread from mid 40s to mid 50s. we still are on tap for a pretty nice day out there. big changes for the week ahead. this time of going from summer to spring. i'll have the details coming up. >> thank you. also ahead, starting this week open seven days a week, the path you can take to get a sweeping view of the bay area. and an nfl star from the bay area giving back to oakland. why he says it
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to a cozy bed, can be yours for less. save up to 20% at the ikea bedroom event. a group of middle school students from the bay area could win the national science bowl. these pictures from the team from a middle school in san jose. they are competing in washington, d.c. and have made to the final round. the team gets $1,000 from the science department just from making this far and will try to win it all tomorrow morning. people of san francisco honored the life and legacy of one of the most influential civil rights leader. abc 7 news was in the mission district for the caesar chavez festival. founded the united farm
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uniti union. a group of tech workers used hardware to work on a brick and mortar project to bind the lives of children on the peninsula. about 200 microsoft employees helped upgrade the school's playground. >> every single project that's happening today is going to be touched by the children so they're going to walk in on monday morning and their eyes are going to be wide and they're not going to know what to touch or what to play with and they're going to have so many surprises up here on the yard and they're going to go into their classrooms and what they'll find on each desk is a care package. >> the construction project included an outdoor classroom and a painting mural. mission childcare consortium was in danger of being closed and sold to a developer.
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the city raised $5.7 million to buy it and keep it open. the largest subsidized childcare in the city. leslie west is the wife of warriors forward david west. she organized the give away benefiting young women attending high school in oakland. leslie west began the dress give aways a decade ago and has them in the cities where husband david has played. we were at the santa clara convention -- a tracked a crowd of mostly young men who liked to buy, sell, display and wear the latest style in sneakers. we asked them about which sneakers they thought were the hottest. they told us anything designed by music superstar kanye west. a professional football star hosted a free carnival in his
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east bay hometown. marcus peters treated kids and their families to free rides and free food. peters grew up in west oakland and wanted to give back. the event is called the it takes a village carnival and he told us why. >> my way of bringing the community together because the community is a village. when i was growing up, i could walk down the street and i could -- my neighbors can make sure i was doing the right things. >> peters says he's planning other events like this one throughout the year. those who like fresh air and exercise will soon be complimented with a stunning view of the east by seven days a week on the bike path. the path along the eastern span of the bay bridge will be sunday to saturday. path users will be greeted by a brand new vista point complete with bathrooms, benches and a
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water fountain. previously the path was open only on weekends while they took down the rest of the old bay bridge. good sunday morning, everyone. starting out with cool conditions. once again it's about the winds that will dictate our temperatures today. little cooler on the coast as the wins shift from offshore to on shore component. you may feel that this afternoon. we are still high and dry as this ridge of high pressure protects us. we're going to go offshore again with our winds heating us up. 54 in san jose. we're looking at numbers in san francisco in low 50s. 41 half moon bay. we are looking at that cool start this morning. with that we'll still have a withunny afternoon, but ve a temperatures i think at the shoreline will be just a few degrees cooler. with the sun today we're going to look at the numbers
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elsewhere. once again reaching a80 degrees and the temps are going to climb even higher tomorrow. tuesday and wednesday looks to be the warmest day. let's check out the next several days. as we look at this profile you'll notice we're in the 70s tomorrow. tha that's going to be a switch. each and every day that offshore component will bring warmer air to the coast. on tuesday we're in the 90s. it's getting warmer as we get towards oakland and the bay. in fact it wouldn't be out of the question on wednesday to see highs near 80 in some coastal communities. with the offshore flow it will be hot everywhere but it's a short lived event. by thursday we'll see the wind shift and temperatures will come down. if you're headed to the coast today, it should be nice. around half moon bay 66 degrees. mid 70s down around santa cruz. ocean beach should hit about 70 degrees. little change for you with low '80s in san jose.
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peninsula should be nice. late in the day you'll feel the sea breeze. san mateo 76. look for 69 in pacifica. in san francisco today it should be a nice afternoon although the winds will kick up late in the day and in the north bay look for highs ranging from 70s to the low 80s. near east bay numbers little change. maybe a few degrees warmer in spots. look for 79 in castro valley. you head inland, like summer. we skipped a season. by the time we cool off come thursday and friday we've got other interesting weather that may head our way next weekend f. you're heading to the giants game, should be a mild day. overnight lows in the 40s. winds kick up coastline. those winds will help to warm us up. tomorrow it's an off show flow that will bring numbers into the 80s.
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you track the temperatures tuesday tuesday. it keeps warming even towards the coastline. by wednesday people will be shaking their heads saying we didn't want it this warm. by that time the original high pressure shifts to the east and we'll see not only breezy winds and cool temperatures, there's a hitch that maybe some rain next sunday. just a hint. you're going to want to stay tuned. just ahead frisking a home in less than a day. the new 3 d printer that can
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the publisher of home brew magazine says that what keurig did for coffee a new home brewing kit will do for beer. >> reporter: vito enjoys the fruit of his labor. he's won national awards for his beer crafted in his garage. he's been brewing his own beer for about nine years. >> i enjoy craft beer in general. i enjoy cooking as well. it intrigued me of being able to make my open beers. >> he just accepted a job with more beer. the store specializes in home brewing kits. >> do the hobby because you have a passion for beer and you want to be able to create your own flavors. >> you get a starter kit for as little as $75 and a premium with
5:25 am
accessories for $500. hundreds of recipes for a wide range of beers are available. you can even mill your own grain at more beer. yeast and hops are also available. >> in the last three years it's just gone nuts. >> annie johnson sells an automated home brewing kit. an economy bottle is being offered on kick starter. the campaign has already raised more than $1.4 million. that's four times its goal with two weeks still remaining in the campaign. >> they add water. they push the button. it goes through the whole brew process. >> ten days later you've got a delicious beer. they have an agreement with 160 graft breweries. veti says he's excited about the prospects. >> any of the styles, i think
5:26 am
it's great. >> 21st amendment, the bay area bar and brewery is one of several in the bear area that has licensed its recipe. >> what was surprising to me was how similar it is. >> we put their version of brew free or die against the same beer brewed at 21st amendment. we asked beer drinkers if they could tell the difference. pico brew fared pretty well. to hear what our testers said about, go to our facebook page. if you need help with a consumer issue, i want to hear from you. the 7 on your side hotline is open monday through friday from ten 10:00 to 2:00 p.m. you can always reach me on facebook and through abc 7 i'm michael finney. >> 5:26 is our time. getting a look at a machine
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helping to revolutionize the home building industry. a giant 3 d printing beuilding dome made of foam and concrete. this unlike other 3 d printers can build a home at once instead of pieces and it took just 14 hours to complete. scientists are hopeful this technology could some day build housing on mars. still to come, more on president trump's first 100 days in office and what's expected to come in the months ahead. plus you can say orange is the new hack. netflix is working with the fbi after its popular series may have been released mon
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we're starting this half hour with a quick look at the
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weather. here's lisa with the conditions where you live. >> good morning you to. you can see the day dawning behind me. it looks pretty out there from our cam rachera. we're looking at numbers back what we're used to. 51 in the city. san jose with 41. 45 in gilroy. from our roof camera numbers in the upper 40s. santa rosa, napa and nevada with 51. at about 7:00 we'll all be in the 50s. by 9:00 we've got low 60s. plenty of sunshine and by 11:00, yes, check it out, we're on our way to more warming where numbers will be in the low to mid 70s in the north bay. come back in a few minutes. i'll have a look at the highs today and a very warm start to the week in just a few minutes. >> lisa, thank you. president trump celebrated his 100th day in office by returning to one of the states that propelled him into the white house. while supporters cheered mr. trump, he skipped a room filled with some of his biggest
5:31 am
critics, the annual white house correspondents dinner. >> reporter: on the night of his 100th day of president donald trump went back to pennsylvania where voters put him over the top. >> more than 100 miles away from washington swamp. >> pointedly stiffing the annual white house correspondent dinner where washington big shots dined without the president for the first time in 36 years. >> i think he's in pennsylvania because he can't take a joke. >> at a campaign style rally with an overflow crowd, the president boosted he's gotten off to a roaring start. >> 100 days of devotion, hard work, and love for our great country. >> in fact, he signed 29 bills so far. >> around the country tens of thousands marked the milestone with protests over president trump's climate policy.
5:32 am
>> he can't get anything through congress. because republicans control everything. >> the president faces his second 100 days with a long to do list. his border wall is a kprcampaig promise in search of funding. >> if the democrats knew what the hell they were doing they'd approve it so easy. and i'll be so angry if we get that passed quickly. >> he's done a great job. i'd him an "a" plus. >> you can't fix the problems in 100. >> president trump says he believes that china's president won't be happy if north korea continues to pursue its missile and nuclear weapons program. this comes as the super carrier u.s.s. carl vin son join south korean vessels.
5:33 am
they detected a failed missile launch near the north korean capital. rendering aircraft carrier useless is not a problem for the military. north korea will be on the agenda, but one of this morning's guests has broken promises on her mind. nancy pelosi will talk about president trump's failure to live up to what he promised as well as what she called catastrophic tax plan. time now is 5:33. lightning is being blamed for sparking a house fire in indiana and home video captured how quickly the flames moved. >> look at it collapsing the house side. >> you're looking at what happened as fire crews raced to the scene northwest of indianapolis.
5:34 am
a couple of their 3-year-old daughter escaped from their burning home. fire crews could not save their home, but they did keep the flames from spreading to nearby structures. six millions gallons of wastewater have spilled into the creeks. it was the first time that it's happened in ten years because of all the rain we got over the winter. the sewage went into trib boo is steeped into storage ponds. the report says the water was treated s treated so the public sent at risk. bees are creating a buzz in northern california with a big increase in bee swarms. this is the time of year the bees start -- >> this year the weather affecting us is so much out
5:35 am
there for them to eat, drink, you know, plenty of wild flower. they're a lot more active than a couple years ago. >> some bee keepers in sacramento say there are calls about bee swarms have more than doubled. they say the comeback is impressive after losing so many col althou colonies in recent years. now more television networks can be on the hit list. abc news reporter has the story. >> reporter: netflix hit by hackers. ten new episodes of the streaming services hit show orange is the new black reportedly leaked online more than a month before their scheduled release. the hack is a dark overload who claimed they uploaded to an illegal file sharing service after they say netflix didn't
5:36 am
pay a ransom. netflix telling variety we are aware of the situation blaming the breach on a production vendor. and a new threat, the hackers also claim to have unreleased show and movies from other companies. tweeting who is income on the list? fox, ifc, nat geo and abc. what fun we're all going to have. >> i think it will be a wakeup call for the rest of hollywood. >> reporter: a hack since 2014, making stars e-mails public and sluicing movies, including inclg and fury before their premier. >> reporter: they couldn't independently verify the claims although the fbi is investigating. still ahead on abc 7
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morning, the coolest new delive delivery option is now available. find out how this robot can get to your door safely and without anyone stealing what's inside. as we head to break, here's a live look outside. we're in for another warm day across much of
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you brush your teeth diligently... two times a day right? but 80% of bacteria aren't even on teeth. eughty purschunt?! colgate total's different. it fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. protecting 100% of your mouth's surfaces. colgate total for whole mouth health. welcome back. live look outside from changes could be ahead in the forecast. we'll check in with lisa coming up. a celebration of maritime
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day is aimed. in redwood city children learned thou build a mini city out of cardboard and design their own lighthouses and ships. science technology and ni engineering, arts and math. this year has more girls attending than ever. >> seeing themselves as scientists, technologists, engineers. >> we've done a really good job of making an effort and making sure the girls know they can do anything the boys can. >> happening today, 49ers dwight clark will be signing. disclosing he has als. he takened a 49ers event last night with joe montana and other stars from the past. he teamed up to produce what's
5:41 am
called the catch, the touchdown in 1982 that put the niners in the super bowl for the first time. the latest installation of sunday streets in san francisco comes to the tenderloin districts. today from 11:00 to 4:00, you can enjoy a hunt, live music and an imperfect pro produce give away. include fullton, larkin and ellis streets. the site is about a block away from the san francisco main library. should be a good day to go out. >> great idea. we're going to look at more of a sea breeze today than the city. just as nice. maybe a degree or two cooler at the shoreline. hey, don't let that get in the way of enjoying another sunny and warm afternoon.
5:42 am
53 in san francisco. temperatures will go up from here, but for how long and how warm? i'll i'll have the answer in a few minutes. >> the giant bullpen had a night >> the giant bullpen had a night to it's not a weekend hobby.ance? you have to live and breathe it for 50 years. it's the sound... and the fury. it's letting it all hang out there, and it's hanging on for dear life. that is what amg driving performance means. and this is where it lives. the 503-horsepower mercedes-amg c63 s coupe.
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. in sports both bay area teams are in action today. giants host the san diego padres this afternoon. first pitch is at 1:05. a sixth inning for the orange and black yesterday after a solid start. rick has the highlights of this morning's sports. >> good morning. disappointing start to the giants season. got a little uglier last 49er great dwight clark got a
5:45 am
warm welcome. giants starter matt cain deserves in applaue as well. he allowed one run while striking out seven. he was in line for the win as the giants took a lead in the 50 on this single up the middle. but after cain left for a hinch hitter it all came apart. the padres sent ten batters to the plate. hedges ties up with this off chris stratton. game over. padres win 12-4. at 9-16, the giants once again own the worst record in the national league. at minute maid park j.j. watts threw out the first pitch. a starter was also looking pretty good on the mound. seven shutout innings while striking out nine batters. stayed scoreless till the
5:46 am
fourth. joe m second home run of the season. in the fifth with two men on lowry rips a base hit to right field. pender will try to score but josh reddick with a gun for an arm. pender is out at the plate. oakla oakland got some insurance in the eighth. third home run in two days. davis is tied for the league lead with ten. the a's hang on to beat the astros 2-1 so they snap their five-game losing streak. 49ers and raiders were busy yesterday as they selected 12 players on the final day of the nfl draft. with its fourth round pick, san francisco took utah running back joe williams who got the news at his home in pennsylvania. during his two seasons with the utes williams ran for almost 2,000 yards and 13 touchdowns. he finished his college career at levi stadium. tight end george
5:47 am
san francisco took defensive linemen. miami safety adrian col burt selected in the seventh round. >> 29 pick, the oakland raiders select david sharp. >> that's nevada governor brie allowancing the fourth round pick from their future home in las vegas. sharp is 6'6" 340 pound defensive lineman from florida. four picks in the seventh round. washington state safety, amstate defensive tackle ware, elijah hood and toledo defensive tackle hester. that is sports for a sunday morning. i'm rick quan. have a great day. >> good sunday morning.
5:48 am
checking out live doppler 7. once again free of any clouds. we do have some subtle changes to note. one of those changes will arrive this afternoon in terms of some gusty on shore winds. but the water perspective shows the high pressure carved out over the western third of the nation. it was in the 30s yesterday in chicago, so things are definitely heating up here while parts of the nation are still feeling very frigid. looks pretty out there and certainly cooler. 51 in sfan. mid 40s in gilroy. low 40s along the coast. from our roof you see the bay is pretty glassy there. and the winds have dialed back. later on today things are going to change at the coast. we'll see some gusty on shore winds. in the upper 40s in the north bay. so compared to yesterday, much, much cooler. five to seven degrees cooler.
5:49 am
look at napa. you were in the 60s yesterday. we are looking at the day todayo very similar to yesterday in most areas. but notice the relative humid is up up. with that we've got more mat moisture in the area. we're looking at four miles in napa. nine miles in santa rosa. that will make out. we'll have a lot of sunshine today. it will be another afternoon with temperatures well above average. so despite the higher water content in the atmosphere this morning, we'll see a nice afternoon here. you may notice a couple degrees of cooling due to that on shore push. temperatures climbing higher. the winds kick up tonight. by monday afternoon we're back in the 70s in the city. upper 80s in concord. look at. that 89 degrees. hayward you were 80 yesterday. today very little change and then by tuesday you're still in the 80s but climbing even higher
5:50 am
into the south bay and the warmest day of the week will be right here on wednesday when we'll see some 90s. temperatures will feel pretty warm even towards the bay as that offshore flow pushes the warm air to the coast. we're going to see that push to the sea breeze. low 80s in santa clara today. 81 in sunny on the peninsula, maybe a few degrees cooler. downtown 70s about 4:00 in the afternoon. low 80s in the north bay and over around oakland today warm ones, 80 degrees, low 80s return for concord. 60s in the coast, mid 80s. tomorrow looking at warmer conditions. download our news app and we'll be track winds and warmth. still looking dry on saturday.
5:51 am
good thing the extended outlook ends there because sunday more models come into line. looking at a deep area of low pressure but we're not going there yet. >> for now make sure the ac is working. the next time you order food for delivery, you might be surprised who's at the door when it arrives. for those who live in san carlos t could be a robot. a new trial is under way to see if robots can help ease traffic congestion and pollution. david shows us how the robots are catching on. >> reporter: on his first day on the job this robot is proving to be a popular sight. the twins just had to check it out. he's part of a pilot by online food app post mates to make office and home delivery. here you see alicia feeling an order of cupcakes, the robot heads to the delivery destination tooling down the side wake. its built in cameras help it to
5:52 am
navigate around people and obstacles. >> when it comes to crossing roads, looks both ways and only crosses when it's safe. we haven't had any major objections yet. any theft or anything like that which we take seriously. >> a human is following it as part of the pilot for safety and to answer questions. some day it could be managed remotely. the robot sends a text upon arrival. however, the human handler can assist with delivery. >> if you don't want to walk outside to get the delivery, we'll take it to the door. in the near term there's a human handler involved. >> the robo travels down the sidewalk at about four miles an hour which doesn't seem very fast but when it gets going i'm having to sprint in order to keep up with it. redwood city was first to test the robots. their success has the city thinking of other uses. >> we do look to expand it to
5:53 am
other things. >> anyone messing with the robots will set off an alarm. in san carlos, david lieu, nbc 7 news. how
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winning numbers from last night's million dollar power ball drawing. 22, 23, 24, 45, 62, the power number 5. nobody picked all six numbers. wednesday night's jackpot goes up to $130 million. the winning numbers from last night's 33 million super although to plus, 4, 14, 31, 42, 43, the mega number 2. nobody picked all six in that drawing either, so wednesday night's prize goes up to $34
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million. time now is annual march for babies wrchlt hundreds of people walk. we're a proud media sponsor. the 9:00 a.m. vent is a three mile jaunt. the march of dimes raises money to support prenatal wellness. next on abc 7 morning at 6:00, shots fired in san francisco. forced police to shut down a part of the mission. the investigation now under way. and tragedy in the east bay. a toddler hit and killed by a car with his parents nearby.
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there is a place where heroes be yhspider-man....
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6:00 am
the first look at live top ldop 7. >> little hazy out there. we don't have any clouds. storm track to the forth that will keep us warm this afternoon. beautiful start to the day with numbers in the low 50s. in the city 53. 43 in half moon bay. down at the beach it's chilly but it will be another warm day here in the upper 70s. 47 in santa rosa. 53 in concord. so if you're planning your day, plan on those 40s and 50s. by noontime we'll be in the mid 70s. still in the 60s at the coast. few degrees of shoreline while we reach 80 in oakland. wait till you see the highs for the next couple of days. we'll get really warm. i'm detail that for you. >> lisa, thank you. in the mission san francisco police were f


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